About Gnom ®

Gnom® is a private DNA testing company, we strive for excellence in every aspect of the company, from the creation of our brand, our logo, the user experience of our website all the way to our DNA services and prices. With personal attention and dedicate our efforts to help you to know the truth about the father of your child, or family relationship like siblings and such.

With a very friendly and accommodating support reps, we make all of our visitors feel at home and talk to them like their friends would have. With a network of over 3000 location nation wide, we have worked hard to insure that our DNA labs are up to date with current trends and technologies, for one common goal, to bring our customers the most accurate DNA test results and a seamless experience, with affordable prices. Our DNA tests includes - Paternity Test, non-invasive Prenatal DNA test, Immigration DNA test, Peace of mind DNA test, Home DNA test Kit, & Siblingship Test.

Contact us for more information about how to get a your DNA test today. We provide you with free consultation call with one of our DNA specialists.

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- Final words.
We process anywhere from 60 to 70 cases per week and we devote 100% to those that choose us, that means more patience for our clients, more accurate results in less time, privacy and best of all more affordable.

" We bring to you the best prices, with the highest accuracy, & a wide selection of DNA tests."
- Best Eli,O the Gnom® Founder
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