Make your own kit

Why pay for a kit when you can make your won, we save our customers money,
This option is only good for the
peace of mind DNA test its priced at only $259.
Step 1
Swab inside the cheek with medium pressure for twenty (20) seconds. Repeat using the other end of the cotton swab on the same person. You are collecting skin cells, not just saliva. Use enough pressure to ensure you gain cells without harming the individual.
Step 2
Seal inside a standard sized paper envelope. Place the single cotton swab into a standard envelope. Do NOT use plastic bags. Seal the envelope with tape. Please don't lick the envelope, it can contaminate the DNA sample.
Step 3
On the envelope write your email (the one you used at the checkout). Collection Date. The date you collected the sample. Phone. Please provide the phone number associated with your order. Name. First and Last. Please print clearly, Date of Birth, The participant's date of birth.

How this participant relates to the other samples. Choose from: Alleged Father, Child, Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt, Uncle, Sibling, Other (Explain). Race. Dominant race of participant. Choose from: Asian, African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American, Other (Explain). Used in calculation.
Step 4
Combine and send the samples, place all sample envelopes into a main mailing envelope. The Shipping address will be sent to your email after you have completed your order.

Use a reliable mail carrier to send your samples. We suggest express shipping with tracking. Complete these steps after purchasing your DNA test in our online store, this applies only for the peace of mind paternity test priced at $259.

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- Best Eli,O the Gnom® Founder
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