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Do you do the Non-invasive Prenatal Test ?

Yes, it is the most talked about test nowadays, and the more people realizes that all it takes is a simple blood draw, the more they ask for it, we get over 50 new cases every week. Read more about the prenatal DNA test.

How much does it costs ?

Here are the prices of all our DNA tests.

Non Invasive Prenatal Test - $1600
Legal Paternity Test - $399
Immigration DNA Test - $650
Siblingship Test - $679
Peace Of Mind Paternity Test - $259

Why should I choose Gnom® over other companies ?

Thats a very good question, so the first reason is that there are less then a hand full of labs that can do the non invasive prenatal test, and our partners are the inventors of the non invasive test, so the competition is good but not as accurate as the original, and the second reason is we have more then one lab, that is why we can offer a wide verity of DNA tests.

Not all labs are made equal and each lab specialized in its own field, but we cover most of the popular DNA test, lastly our staff is very friendly and dedicated to our costumers, we understand the importance the DNA test results and lives they change.

Do you offer a payment plan ?

Yes, in some cases we break the prenatal test ($1600) in to two payments or more, depending on the circumstances, but this option is not available in our online store, you would need to call in for that option and get qualified. For details call (844) 245-7791.

Is there an age requirement to do a DNA test ?

No, we regularly perform paternity testing on all ages including newborns and infants using cheek (buccal) swabs, or even before the baby is born (prenatal Test).

Do you have a location near me ?

Gnom® has over 3000 collection sites in the US and growing, we think about the pregnant women's connivance when it comes to the sample collection process. We now have locations in Canada, London UK, France and Israel, but with the help of our partners we are internationally known and deliver DNA testing services no matter where you are in the world. See our international coverage.

How soon can I get an appointment ?

In most of the cases, as early as next day appointment, the process is very fast and completely safe and painless.

What happens after I order from the online store ?

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you submit your order, after your order is processed you will then receive a call back from your detected representative, in most cases in the same day the order was made, unless you made the order late in the day, in that case you will receive your call back on the following day.

How long until I get the results for the prenatal test ?

Normally after 6 business days, from the moment we receive your blood sample, but in some cases it could take up to two weeks. For post birth paternity test, you get the results within 2 business days via email or regular mail.

Does the alleged father needs also to have his blood drawn ?

No, for the father it is enough to collect his sample with just a cheek swab for the prenatal test.

Can i order the DNA test online or do i need to call ?

We are always happy to hear from our visitors, but there are benefits from ordering online, for example if you wanted expedite your test, you should know that we process the online orders before phone orders for obvious reasons. Visit our online store and see how easy it is to order.

Do I need a doctor's order or a court order to have a DNA test ?

No, a doctor's order or a court order is not required to have a DNA test. NY State is the only state which does require a doctor's order.

Are the results legally admissible in court ?

There are two types of paternity testing.
1. Legal paternity test priced at $399 (admissible in court)
2. Peace of mind paternity test priced at $259 (not admissible in court)

How accurate are paternity tests ?

With our 24 mark paternity test, that is almost double the industry standard which is 16-18 mark, our DNA test results exceeds 99.99%.
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